Course selection

NB! This is the course selection that was available for the summer school of 2023 and is here for reference on the types of courses that were offered. The couse selection of Turku Åbo Summer School 2024 will be available on this website in December 2023 at the latest.

Each course is fully accredited and worth 5 ECTS, except Multimodal Introduction in Professional Contexts that is a 3 ECTS course. 

There are both online and on-site courses. Courses organized on-site may have some online parts, e.g. pre-assignments or exams, outside the contact teaching period but they require presence in Turku between 7-18 August 2023. It is not possible to take part in the contact teaching period online. 

The course fees are mostly 75€ for on-site courses and 50€ for online courses. The fees are stated in each course description.

On-site courses 2023

The course offers an introduction to international trade with the focus on WTO law and EU trade perspectives as well as the challenges that emerged during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

This is a course for someone wishing to find new sources of innovation and new creativity tools as well as to learn more about idea management.

The focus of this course is on designer-attitude, design methods, design thinking and service design that are approached in an effective and fun way.

The course gives you a picture of company treasury functions, financial planning and risks with the focus on investments decisions. 

Deep dive into ethnic and cultural identities and questions on equity, power and privilege with the focus on multiculturalism and its historical, political, sociological and philosophical foundations.

Game design combines both artistic and scientific thinking resulting in exciting and immersive experiences. The students will learn the theory behind game design and how to carry it out in practice.

Nature can effect health and well-being in many ways. The course includes insights on nature-based methods for promoting health and well-being as well as activities in the nature.

With the focus on sustainable development, the course offers insights on everyday environments, how the city works and how city planning accounts for various phenomena.

What is social sustainability and its relationship to other aspects of sustainability? How is it manifested, measured and promoted in societies and who is responsible for it?

Digital media has had a huge effect on how we communicate, organize and act in society and the mediatization relates closely to social change.

While performing can be exciting, working life is full of situations where you have to perform in front of different kinds of audiences. The course aims to promote self-confidence.

This interdisciplinary course aims to introduce the students to some of the current ocean-related wicked problems, related to e.g. climate change, biodiversity changes and pollution and to discuss sustainable solutions.

Online courses 2023

The course covers the core concepts and business models of circular economy and technological assessment as well as an ethical point of view to the topic.

On this course the focus will be on Adventure Education and students will acquire basic knowledge on it as a pedagogical approach. 

Introduction on how to facilitate communication and promote linguistic accessibility when working with people whose access to interaction is challenged.

Learn the basic phrases, vocabulary and grammar of the second official language in Finland in your own pace.

This free online course covers planning and producing virtual events, technical aspects and economics of the productions.