Sustainable Social Programme

We believe that international studies are worth travelling for, yet we want to compensate the emissions somehow. Turku Åbo Summer School´s Sustainable Social Programme offers you the most interesting activities in the Turku region in an environmentally friendly manner. It is a perfect opportunity for you to get to know your new class mates better, enjoy the summer and explore the Turku region!

The Sustainable Social Programme is voluntary and has an additional fee of max. 100 euros. The finalized schedule and enrollment information will be sent to the accepted participants in May.

Below is the Sustainable Social Programme 2023. Please note that it is there to give you an idea of what our social programme is like in general – some of the events may not be included / may be different in the social programme of 2024.

Sustainable Social Programme 2023 (for reference only)

Fri 4.8. Amazing City Race

Exploring the city of Turku and performing various tasks at checkpoints while getting to know your new friends

Sat 5.8. Daytime Cruise to Naantali

A ride on an old steamship through the beautiful Turku archipelago to a historical nearby town Naantali

Tue 8.8. Flowpark

Thu 10.8. Games & Picnic at a Park

Spending a cozy summer evening together playing Finnish outdoor games and having a picnic

Sat 12.8. Daytime Cruise to Naantali

Sun 13.8. Sauna & Barbeque at a Beach

Opportunity to experience one of the most essential parts of Finnish culture, sauna, and having a barbeque by the sea

Wed 16.8. Trip to National Park

Finland is known for its nature and a short hike in a national park is a perfect way to get to know it better

Thu 17.8. Farewell Event