Turku Åbo Summer School is organized by five different higher education institutes in Turku, Finland: University of Turku, Novia University of Applied Sciences, Humak University of Applied Sciences, Åbo Akademi University and Turku University of Applied Sciences. Turku Åbo Summer School operates under the Study in Turku network.

Turku Åbo Summer School studies give you a chance to strengthen your professional and academic skills and get the latest insights on a wide variety of timely and interesting topics. For an incoming exchange or degree student, Turku Åbo Summer School is an excellent way to get a head start to your study period in Finland!

Turku Åbo Summer School focuses on offering courses with diverse teaching methods and interactive learning. There are both on-site and online courses and the course fees vary only between 50-75€!

Turku Åbo Summer School is also about more than just studying. The Sustainable Social Programme is a perfect way to balance your studies as it introduces the most interesting activities in the Turku region in an environmentally friendly way. We take environmental factors into account when planning and executing our events.

If you are interested in continuing studies in Turku, please check the Study in Turku website.