Who can apply for Turku Åbo Summer School?

In most cases you are welcome to apply if you are at least 18 years old and have fluent English language skills. You don’t have to be presently enrolled in any university to apply. Some courses, however, have additional prerequisites on earlier education that are stated in the course descriptions.

The application period for Turku Åbo Summer School 2024 has now been closed. We look forward to receiving your application for our summer school next year!

Apply by 14 APRIL 2024

Application process

1. Choose the course and tentatively plan your stay

Check out the course selection and choose the course that sounds the most tempting. Make sure that you meet the requirements for prevoius studies, if there are any. Choose also a plan B course, if possible, in case you’re not selected to the course of your first choice.

Familiarize yourself with practical matters regarding the summer school schedule, arriving and staying in Turku etc. If you have any questions,   don’t hesitate to contact 

Enrollment to the social programme will be opened later for the accepted participants.

2. Fill in the application form

Fill in the online application form. The application will be open until 14 April 2024. The application period for Turku Åbo Summer School 2024 has now been closed. Thank you for your interest!

Please prepare a motivation letter and attach it to the application form. You should describe in the letter, why you wish to come to Turku Åbo Summer School and take the course(s) you have selected. The motivation letter is an important selection criteria and should be 1-2 pages long. (When attaching the motivation letter note that after you have uploaded the file to the application form, you still need to click ”attach file”.)

3. Wait for a confirmation e-mail and pay the course fee

We will send you an e-mail regarding the acceptance in May 2024. 

The institution that organizes the course you have been accepted to will send you information about how to pay the course fee. This information may come several days later than the confirmation e-mail. 

4. Ask for a Letter of Acceptance if needed

After paying the course fee we can send you a Letter of Acceptance but we won’t do it automatically. If you need one for your home institution or visa application, please ask for it by e-mail.

5. What if you have to cancel your participation?

You can cancel your participation at any time. Whether you get your money back or not depends on when you cancel. Read more about our cancellation and refund policy.