Planning at Urban Areas

5 ECTS | 75€ | On-site in Turku | 1-30 August with contact teaching 7-18 August

The aim of this course is to teach people to analyze their everyday environments, how the city works, how different flows move into and in a city and how city planning accounts these phenomena. The core is, of course, sustainable development.

Learning outcomes
  • The student is familiar with the basics of urban structure and the concept of space, the effect of the surroundings on the pleasantness and habitability of an area, landscape structures and the role of green area development in landscaping.
  • The student is able to estimate the effects of construction on the urban areas and be familiar with the town planning systems. The student learns also about different flows in cities and how sustainable development should be considered in a planning at urban areas.

Online lectures, group work, individual work, presentations and peer reviews.

Turku University of Applied Science

Senior Lecturer Marika Nurmikko

The course is suitable to anyone who is interested in town planning and how sustainable development goals are and should be considered in an everyday life in towns.

Pre and after task 35 h, lectures and mentoring 30 h, project work in groups 70 h = 135 h

Learning materials will be announced later.

Grading 1-5

Max. 30 students