Flying to Finland

Finland  is often easiest reached by flying. The biggest airport is Helsinki-Vantaa that is about two and half hour car, train or bus drive from Turku. 

There is also a small airport in Turku. There are currently international flights from Stockholm multiple times a day. 

Ferries to Finland

You can reach Turku by ferry from Stockholm, Sweden by Viking Line or Tallink Silja. You can also travel by ferry to Helsinki from Tallinn, Estonia (Viking Line or Tallink Silja) or Travemünde, Germany by Finnlines.

Viking Line or Tallink Silja tickets can be very affordable if you travel on a weekday. Traveling by ferry also lets you enjoy the amazing archipelago and sea views!

Trains to Turku

The national train company VR has departures from Helsinki-Vantaa airport and Helsinki. There are two railway stations in Turku: the Kupittaa station about 1,5 kilometers from the city centre and the main railway station in the city centre. However, the main station will be closed due to the renovation for 2 years from August 2022 for the trains from and to Helsinki.

Train ticket prices can vary a lot. The cheapest ones are for departures outside rush hours and booked well beforehand. Unfortunately, only students with a Finnish student card are entitled to student priced tickets.

Buses to Turku

There are several bus connections from Helsinki and Helsinki-Vantaa airport to Turku. They are often affordable, especially if they are booked beforehand. There are two main bus sites. The first one is Matkahuolto that offers bus rides from various bus companies. Unfortunately, only students with a Finnish student card are entitled to student priced tickets. You can buy a ticket online or from a driver buy cash or card. The earlier you book a ticket the cheaper it is.

The other one is Onnibus. Onnibus rides are also available from Matkahuolto site, but it is recommendable to buy them directly from Onnibus site, because it is often cheaper and you can book a seat. You can´t buy a ticket from a driver and you can only buy a ticket online.

Traveling from Helsinki there are several bus stops in Turku, for instance in the university campus, Turku cathedral and finally in the bus station that is located in the city centre. Buses in Finland are very reliable and often the most affordable choice.

You can read about local buses here