Artificial Intelligence & Cybersecurity

2 ECTS | FREE | Self-paced online course | 5 June – 31 August 2024

The Cybersecurity and AI is an introductory-level course on how the rapid advances in AI technology, most prominently machine learning, connect with the changing cybersecurity domain. The course proceeds through examples from everyday life and discusses highly relevant topics such as data privacy. As machine learning solutions are transforming the way we are using data, this course helps students from various backgrounds to gain the basic awareness of the related concerns.

The course is made up of practical and easily accessible content. We introduce four AI cases: (1) Self-driving cars; (2) Smarthomes; (3) Environment and society; and (4) Smartphones; and through these examples, we explore cutting edge challenges and opportunities that AI imposes on cybersecurity.

Course structure
  1. Introduction to AI and cybersecurity
  2. Strengths and weaknesses of popular AI solutions and algorithms
  3. How AI systems can be abused and how AI can be used offensively
  4. How AI can enhance cybersecurity and how AI can be used defensively
  5. Ethical aspects of the use of AI
Learning outcomes
  • To recognize strengths and weaknesses of popular AI solutions from a cybersecurity perspective
  • Learn how to prepare against AI failures
  • Basics of how AI can be used to enhance cybersecurity
  • Detect and address ethical issues involved in AI and the use of AI
This is a self-paced online course with independent studies, self-assessment and quizzes. This means that there will be no live classes given.

University of Turku

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Anyone interested in AI and cybersecurity.

2 ECTS equals 54 hours of students work.

Online materials provided in the online learning platform.

Pass/fail. A certificate is provided after completion of the course.

Max. 100 students.