Creativity & Innovativeness

5 ECTS | 75€ | On-site in Turku | 1-30 August 2023 with contact teaching 7-18 August 2023

The course includes insights on creativity tools and idea management, innovativeness and product /service development, sources of innovation and innovativeness, success and diffusion of innovations and open innovation.

Learning outcomes

The student will be able to…

  • Apply creativity and innovation tools in marketing context
  • Use different sources of innovation (internal and external) to detect and exploit opportunities
  • Analyze and describe how innovative firms are changing business reality
  • Explain the importance of product/service development and the people and factors involved in the development work.

Inquiry Based learning, individual and group work, project work, report, presentations.

Turku University of Applied Sciences

Timo Linnossuo

Undergraduate students

Pre-task 35 h, lectures and mentoring 30 h, project work in groups 70 h = 135 h

Individually chosen books and online theory on Creativity and innovation

Grading 1-5

Max. 30 students