Costs of Living

Finland is not a cheap country. However, costs of living in Turku can be quite a lot lower than, for example, in the capital region.

On a Finnish scale Turku is a big city. Here you get the best of both worlds: there is quite a lot to do in Turku but for a reasonable price.

We have collected some average prices on this page. The prices can of course vary quite a lot between different kinds of places but this will hopefully help you with budgeting your summer school stay.

Here you can find some restaurant, café and pub recommendations. 

On campus

Summer school students are unfortunately not entitled to student priced meals (2,95€).

A meal in a campus cafeteria (Unica) costs 9€ for visitors. The price includes the main dish, rice/pasta/potato, a side salad, bread, water and juice/milk.

From the campus cafeterias you can also buy coffee, tea, desserts and a varying selection of for instance fruits, cold beverages and sweets.


Grocery store costs depend of course on what you buy and how much you eat out and on campus. If you have the student meal every day, you can get food for one week with around 40-50€. Popular grocery chains in the central area are for example K-Market and Sale.

Eating and drinking out

pizza from a restaurant, pasta dish, lunch salad 14-18€

pizza from a pizzeria 12€

Bic Mac 5,95€

cappuccino 5€

tap beer 7€

glass of wine 8€


Limitless bus rides for 14 days 31€

Single bus ticket 3€ (4€ if bought by cash)

City bikes for one month 6€ > read more about buses and city bikes (Föli)

Accommodation from about 420€