Your Good Life

5 ECTS | 75€ | On-site in Turku | 1-30 August 2024 with contact teaching 5-16 August 2024

During the Your Good Life course the student will learn the basics of first aid (ea), good sleep, nutrition, sport exercises and erconomy, sustainable development and green care. The knowledge will be useful for everybody’s good life. E.g. the ea skills will be practiced in modern simulation environments and the all themes will be discussed and processed together in workshops. Before the contact learning period the students will focus and concentrate on the themes independently with help of interesting material online.

Learning outcomes

The student will be able to

  • Know the basic of first aid (ea)
  • Know the basic of good sleep (lifestyle)
  • Know the basic of good nutrition
  • Know the basic of sport exercise and ergonomy
  • Know the basic sustainable development and green care

Lectures, group work, simulation training, workshops and online learning

The start and/or finish of the course is completed online.

Turku University of Applied Sciences

contact person Riitta-Liisa Lakanmaa

Place: At Turku University of Applied Sciences workshops and simulation training. Online studying before and after the workshops and simulations.

Undergraduate students with at least two years completed of Bachelor’s studies in any field.

Pre-task and independent work 50h, lectures 20 h, simulations and workshops in groups 65 h = 135 h

Will be published and presented before the course starts.


Max. 30 students and they  will be divided into smaller groups for the simulation training and workshop groups.