Virtual Event Management

5 ECTS | FREE | Self-paced online course | 1 June – 31 July 2024

This course is an introduction to virtual event production. It covers planning and producing virtual events, technical aspects and economics of virtual event productions and some thoughts on the future.

Introduction to Virtual Events

  • Planning and Producing Virtual Events
  • Technical Aspects of Virtual Event Productions
  • Economics of Virtual Event Productions
  • Thoughts on the Future
Learning outcomes

The student

  • learns the basics of virtual event production
  • understands the technical restrictions and opportunities
  • is aware of the economics of virtual events

Self-paced online course, meaning that you can participate in the course from any location at any time within the study period.

Humak University of Applied Sciences

Benny Majabacka

The course is aimed to professional cultural managers and students who need more knowhow about virtual events.

5 ECTS equals 135 hours of students work.

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