Financing & Financial Markets

5 ECTS | 75€ | On-site in Turku | 1-30 August 2023 with contact teaching 7-18 August 2023

The course frames a coherent picture of how the treasury tasks are executed in a company.

The content of the lectures will be planned from a holistic standpoint and the setup for the lectures are tailored in accordance with the participant wishes, expectations and targets.

The students will learn the main tasks of corporate treasury functions, risk management, cash management, reporting and financial items. The focus is on how the investment decisions are made. Also, the basics of the relation between risk and return and of portfolio theory will be dealt with.

During the course the students will be familiarized with the tasks within a treasury team and knows the main tasks of the back, middle and front office functions in a company.

Learning outcomes

After the course the student:

  • understands the key elements of financial markets including various forms of financing.
  • knows how to raise capital for a company.
  • knows the principles of investments in financial instruments.
  • knows how to plan the cashflow on long and short term and calculate the need of funding
  • can identify risks related to cash and how to avoid or minimize the risks
  • can measure the extent and impact of financial risks
  • knows the most important derivatives
  • knows the principles of reporting financial items to the P&L

Lectures, group work, presentations.

Novia University of Applied Sciences 

Frederik Strandberg

Undergraduate students with at least two years completed of Bachelor’s studies in any field

Planning of presentation 35 h, lectures and mentoring 30 h, Key Learning Note 70 h = 135 h

Brealey & Myers. Principles of Corporate Finance.

Internet sources and platforms such as:

  • Bank of Finland
  • Reuters Online for hedge prices etc.
  • Bloomberg
  • Planning and proceeding a group presentation
  • Key Learning Note
Assessment criteria

Pre-task: Depth of discussion.

Project work:

  • Active participation in lectures
  • Participation in build-up of course content
  • Contribution of own experience and knowhow to the sessions
  • Bringing own opinions to the lectures
  • 360° assessment of presentation and Key Learning Note

Max. 25 students