The Stage is Yours - Perform with Confidence

5 ECTS | 75€ | On-site in Turku | 1-30 August 2023 with contact teaching 7-18 August 2023

Working life is full of situations where professionals need to be able to speak and perform in front of an audience. Perhaps you need to pitch an idea to a sponsor or your boss? Or maybe you need to introduce yourself to a bunch of new people or film a video application?

Whatever the situation is, performing can be overly exciting. Even professional performers get nervous before performing. The good news is you can learn to be a confident performer. 

During contact teaching, you will gain self-confidence as a performer through practical exercises. The course also includes independent work and group work. 

Learning outcomes

The student will be able to…

  • Write, practice, and perform a speech in front of an audience
  • Write, practice, and perform a compelling video speech
  • Gain self-confidence as a performer
  • Identify how to develop one’s own skills as a performer
  • Gather resources for future events as a performer

Group work, practical exercises, reading material, video material, essay, report, video presentation

Turku University of Applied Sciences

Noora Kääriäinen

The course is suitable for anyone interested in becoming a better performer. No previous experience is needed. 

Contact teaching 35 h, independent pre-assignments and post-assignments 50 h, group work 50 h = 135 h

Mon 7 August 10-15 

Tue 8 August 10-15  

Wed 9 August 10-13  

Thu 10 August 10-15  

Fri 11 August 10-12 

Mon 14.8. 10-15 

Tue 15.8. 10-15  

Wed 16.8. 10-13  

Thu 17.8 10-15 

Fri 18.8. 10-13 

21 August – 30 August: Independent post-assignments (online) + group work (can be done online) 

The materials will be defined later


Max. 16 students